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More storytelling

We had a get-together Friday night, to plan for Tellabration! The event is this coming Saturday (17 November) at 8 p.m. at the Tyson's-Pimmitt Regional Library in Falls Church (on Leesburg Pike). We had several fits of indecisiveness about what to tell, on pretty much everybody's part except Penelope's. Once we figured out what to tell, arranging the stories proved challenging. Part of the problem was that, in some cases, we heard about the stories without hearing the actual stories. The other problem is that one of the stories I'm doing is "Sam Short's Story," which is a 400+ word tongue twister. It wasn't easy to find somewhere that would work.

Most of the same folks (all but Merrillee) were at the swap at Barbara's yesterday. I told "The Princess Who Turned Into a Flower Pot," giving credit to Leonia, of course. It's still a very weird story. Usually, magic rewards the unselfish, but this piece works exactly the opposite way. It does have a great ending, though.
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