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And the Winner Is ...

This isn't actually about the Oscars, though I will say that I am really happy that Departures won best foreign language film, since I thought it was exquisite. And I'd never have seen it had I not flown ANA from Tokyo to San Francisco on my way home from Thailand since I am fairly sure it hasn't played anywhere near here. (Well, except for the Oscar related foreign film showcase at the National Archives, but that's not a theatrical release.)

What I actually intended to write about was Reann Ballslee being elected homecoming queen at George Mason University. The story has gotten a lot of press since Reann is the drag queen persona of Ryan Allen. But, here's the thing. Back in my undergraduate days (when we had to watch out for dinosaurs on the way to class and we planted giant redwood saplings), MIT finally decided to have a football team. That led to having an actual homecoming - and a homecoming queen. And who was chosen? Why, the winner of UMOC (Ugliest Man on Campus), of course. Leo wasn't a drag queen (though there was a woman who ran for UMOC using the slogan "would you want your son to look like me?") but the whole thing reflects how seriously we took the event. Apparently, there are students at GMU without any perspective who are appalled at the whole thing. Different times, different places, indeed.
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