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I went to the Adventures in Travel Expo. I am inevitably disappointed in how many very unadventurous companies participate in this, but there's enough to keep me going, especially with half off the ticket price. (I figure the free travel magazines make it pay for itself). In particular, I've been contemplating somewhere in Central America for the November / December time frame and got some very good info from the Nicaraguan travel representative there. I can ignore the people who think a time share in Aruba qualifies as travel, never mind adventure travel.

In other adventure travel related news, I am pleased with this season of The Amazing Race so far. There are a few teams who irritate me, but two of the three who annoyed me the most have already gotten eliminated. I'm sure more teams will piss me off as the season goes on, of course, but it's off to a good start.

Finally, here's a rather distressing item about a place I am interested in. 71 children have died of rabies in Luanda, Angola in the past 3 months. The problem is, of course, infected dogs and poor children are more likely to come in contact with them and, hence, be bitten. Coupled with the lack of awareness that leads them not to get vaccinated right away, this has become a true tragedy. The government is now working to do something about the dogs, so there's hope. But I still found the story shocking.
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