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I had a pretty hectic day yesterday. I had enough books to go out for it to be worth a trip to Manassas. McKay's took 32 of the 38 I had which meant that there weren't enough rejects to be worth hitting the other stores I go to. They don't pay particularly well, even though I go for store credit over cash. But their prices are low enough that it balances out. C&W pays a lot more, but their prices are absurdly high. Hole in the Wall actually pays the best, but you can only use credit there for half the price. At any rate, I had enough credit to get 9 books, with a small amount left over. I also learned that they are moving this spring, but just into a bigger space in the same shopping center.

On the way back, I noticed a large international grocery store, so stopped in. I did find the vegan mushroom sauce that makes a good substitute for Thai fish sauce, but could not find palm sugar. Their produce department is more expensive than Super H-mart. I contemplated buying a banana flower, but I was sure I'd discover that I didn't have all the other ingredients for the banana flower salad I like. Some other time.

Since I was done with the books so early, I decided to see Coraline. It was definitely worth going to the pricy movie theatre to see it in 3D. Overall, I was impressed with the technology, but the story was a bit predictable. If you can't see it in 3D, it would be best to wait to rent it (or to see it on an airplane, which is where I see a disgustingly high percentage of movies).

After running a couple of errands, I came home and took a nap. In the evening, I drove over to Bill's for the Voices in the Glen story swap. There was excellent turn-out, with 17 people, and a wide mix of stories. I particularly enjoyed Lauren's rendition of a Margaret Read MacDonald picture book and Jane's telling of the pickpocket story. And, of course, Tim's story of anti-freeze poisoning is always a hoot.

At least I was busy with fun things.
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