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Three and Three Meme

Courtesy of cahwyguy. I'll repeat the instructions if anybody else is interested:

Make a comment in this entry. I'll go to your profile, pick 3 userpics and interests , and then you explain them in your journal.

I only have 3 userpics so he didn't have a lot to choose from. My default userpic is a Pueblo storyteller doll. They're not really as traditional as one might assume, since they only go back to the mid-1960's, but they're a fun symbol of storytelling.

I use the pictograph for Olympic baseball when discussing that pastime so I don't get into issues of copyright infringement when I discuss the eternal battle of the Red Sox against the Source of All Evil in the Universe.

Finally, there's a photo of a Barbie sweater I knitted. I like to knit for Barbie since it goes quickly (given her size). I use it when I talk about crafty things.

As for interests, he asked about volksmarch, anamorphosis,, and nalbinding.

Volksmarch is an international non-competitive walking program. There's lots of info at
the American Volkssport Association website. In short, there are two types of events - regular events and year round events. Regular events are just a few days (usually one weekend) and have volunteers staffing them, while year round events can be done any time and are self-service (typically hosted at a hotel, restaurant, or other business). Most walks are 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) and you can get credit both for number of events and distance. You keep track via stamps in booklets and get awards (certificates, patches, pins) after completing various numbers of events and certain distances. There are also special event programs with themes. Some of them I've done included Route 66, U.S. Presidents, and College Campuses. It's a great way to get some exercise, especially if you're a bit compulsive.

Anamorphosis is, basically, a type of optical illusion. It involves distortions that become a recognizable picture when viewed from a certain position (or, sometimes, using a mirror or other device). For example, there is a church in Rome which looks like it has a dome when you stand in a certain position inside it, even though the actual ceiling is flat. While I've always been interested in optical illusions, I got interested in this specific type as a result of an exhibit at the Getty in 2001.

I usually explain nalbinding to people as what the Vikings did because they didn't know how to knit. It's a crafts technique using short pieces of yarn and a single needle (e.g. tapestry needle). At the simplest form, it uses what is, essentially, a detached buttonhole stitch to make a dense fabric. But there are other stitches, including one that looks almost identical to knitted stockinette stitch. Even though I only learned in October, I've already made a small bag and a pair of mittens and am in the middle of some slipper socks. It's particularly portable, so has become my "purse project," i.e. something I carry around to keep my hands busy at odd moments.
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