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1) I was at a meeting over in the Rosslyn office today, which is on the 26th floor. We were in the conference room that overlooks the river and the National Mall. I have to sit facing in towards the building or I get too distracted by the view, which is not a good thing when both your boss and grandboss are at the same meeting. Anyway, I did look out the window before the meeting and I noticed that the Potomac was completely frozen on the side west of Theodore Roosevelt Island, but the east branch (i.e. the D.C. side) had no ice at all. Presumably that's due to all the hot air from lobbyists?

2) The Washington Post is doing away with Book World as a separate section. It is, apparently, being merged in with Outlook. I'd have thought that Style and Arts would make more sense. This will sound surprising coming from me, but I'd actually like them to do away with their travel section, which has only about one interesting article every two years. (Admittedly, my tastes in travel are not exactly average.)

3) Memorable quote from meeting: "You can't ban people from thinking."

4) In the jaw dropping bad behavior catalogue, one of my colleagues was supposed to have lunch with somebody who was attending another meeting in our building. Apparently, when the meeting was over, the visitor asked if he could borrow somebody's phone to call her to meet for lunch. And the people he had been meeting with refused.

I am absolutely astonished.

5) The most interesting thing I've found so far on Facebook is the group that has to do with the summer camp I attended in 1972 and 1973. There is also a group for people from my home town.
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