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Tidbits from Today's Washington Post

1) There was an article on how sloppy counterfeiters have gotten. That surprises me since you would think that dealing with counterfeiting is mostly a technological arms race. But it appears that the bad guys have given up and just print out a few sloppy bills they try to pass, instead of even trying to be convincing. The example they showed even had the wrong person's face on the bill.

2) It's not really news that Livingstone, Zambia is benefiting from the woes of Zimbabwe and people who are afraid to go to the town of Victoria Falls. The article mentioned a few things about visitors who are still coming to the Zimbabwe side. But the writer neglected to answer any of the important questions. Can you still have tea on the terrace of the Vic Falls Hotel? Is there still a broken card phone next to the post office that lets you make international calls at a tenth of the going rate? And, most importantly, is Explorers Club still open and, if so, have they ever fixed the table that broke when one rafting guide threw another across the room in the bar? (We were eating dinner in the restaurant side at the time and somehow managed not to notice the whole brawl.)

3) There was some speculation that all the people who discovered they could walk places during the inauguration might continue to use walking as a form of transport. However, that neglects the difference that traffic makes. I walk a lot in D.C. and I still get irritated that the lights give you 70 seconds to cross some rinky dink one lane road and 20 seconds to cross the 6 lanes of K Street.

4) A book review contained the wonderful description of a book about some of our presidents as being "unsullied by big idea of any kind."
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