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Odds and Ends

Washington phrase of the day: "Filling the tree" refers to a legislator offering a second degree amendment to his or her own first degree amendment. A proposed Senate regulation banning the practice is now making its way through the rules committee.

How to stop terrorists: Some British news sources are reporting an epidemic of plague sweeping through an Al Q'aeda training camp in Algeria. Plague is actually quite treatable with modern antibiotics but those are not exactly readily available there.

Apparently no one else sees foreign films: The Oscar nominations remind me that I've been meaning to pass along a recommendation to see Departures, an exquisite Japanese movie about a man who, having lost his job as a cellist, ends up working in a funeral home. I'm sure I missed a lot of details because of cultural gaps, but the film is lovely and moving and extremely well acted.

I done good, part 1: I briefed my (government) boss yesterday on a project I've had a couple of my henchmen working on for a few months. He said it was exactly what he was looking for. He does have some further work he'd like and my (corporate) boss and I will sit down with him on Monday to talk about what resources it will take.

I done good, part 2: The women in my office do a monthly lunch outing. This month was my turn to pick a restaurant and I chose Jaleo, a local tapas bar. Aside from the men having to put up with us all reeking of garlic when we returned, it was a great success. Our waiter even comped us a second plate of one of the dishes. The wrinkled potatoes with green sauce were particularly awesome.

I done not so good, part 1: I still haven't finished the back of the sweater I cast on over 2 weeks ago. I can still salvage the "knit a sweater a month" project via the 5-hour raglan pattern, but it does not bode well for the project overall.

I done not so good, part 2: Friday New York Times crosswords are damn hard. I am terrified of Saturday puzzles.

Time to go finish chores (laundry, balancing my checkbook, paying bills - such an exciting life I lead, eh?)
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