fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Top Prize for Cluelessness

The tortoise tourist herds are out in force for the inauguration. They stand on the left on Metro escalators and don't have the common decency to let people get off the train before they surge onto it.

However, this morning (which actually featured a relatively uncrowded commute), I encountered the dumbest of them all. As I was walking along the sidewalk of the Vienna Metro station, a woman called out to me from the parking lot. "Where's the Metrorail?" she asked. "I don't see any rail."

I had to explain that she was driving in the parking lot of the Metrorail station and that she needed to park her car and walk into the station.

By the way, the line for people purchasing fare cards was all the way backed up from inside the station to the Cue bus shelters at four this afternoon. The only events I know of tonight are a few balls. None of the people I saw in line looked remotely as if they were dressed for a ball.

I'm glad I can work from home tomorrow. I printed out several things to read. I also need to finish writing a research proposal (which has been lurking around for a few years but, thanks to management changes, looks like it will actually get submitted this time) and maybe work on a presentation proposal for an upcoming workshop.
Tags: kvetching, metro, work

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