fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Started First Sweater

I cast on sweater number 1 of the "knit a sweater a month" project. And I realized that this may be a tougher challenge than I thought. The pattern (a wavy cable pullover design from Vermont Fiber Designs) is not actually difficult, per se, but 2 rows out of every 12 require concentration. The biggest problem is the sheer number of stitches. I'd have liked to have been using my ebony needles, but they're too short. I should probably use circulars, but I really do prefer straight needles for flat knitting. Especially because I think the circulars will be awkward for the cables, where holding stitches on the cable needle in front or behind the rest is critical. At any rate, it means I am finally using some yarn (Reynolds Utopia in a light teal) I bought a good 8 years ago. (I only know that because I know where I bought the yarn, which was in West Los Angeles).

I do have about 4.5 inches of the back done now, which is a fair start. I worked on it some at knitting group, which also included the annual pot luck and gift exchange. My contribution was a couple of needles, an amusing card, and a packet of buttons. In exchange, I received two calendars (a page a day of knitting related quotes and a magazine monthly one of socks with patterns at the back) plus two skeins of yarn. There was also plenty of raucous conversation, but I suspect it is all "you had to be there" humor.

Friends, food, knitting - that makes for a great day!
Tags: holidailies, knitting

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