fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Made It Home

I spent 26 hours of traveling. Thanks to the International Date Line, I arrived in San Francisco several hours before I left Tokyo. There is a customer service rep at United's Red Carpet Club at SFO who I hereby nominate for sainthood, as she was able to switch my flights so I got home 3+ hours earlier, avoiding a layover in Reno and a very tight connection in Denver. And the last leg (Denver to Dulles) was in actual first class on one of the 767s with the new fancy first class seating pods.

By the way, I did end up eating durian. I may have wimped out at the supermarket, but I had dinner at a place that had sticky rice with durian for dessert. I had previously tasted durian ice cream (in Vietnam) but that didn't count since it was too processed. This had actual pieces of the fruit. It tasted okay, but I wasn't crazy about the texture and it wasn't good enough to be worth tolerating the disgustingness of the smell.
Tags: food pornography, holidailies, travel

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