fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Cooking Class

I took a vegetarian cooking class this morning. In a little over three hours, we made 10 dishes. All of which were delicious and a few of which were unusual (pumpkin hummous, for example). It was an excellent way to spend a morning.

Afterwards, I meandered around Bangkok, ending up at the Royal Palace (and an associated pagoda). There is, apparently, no limit to how much one can gild buildings.

Back on the subject of food, I am trying to get up my courage to try durian. They have small packages of sliced durian in the supermarkets so it is a good opportunity as it means not having to buy an enormous spiky thing. But the smell is off-putting to say the least. Even through the plastic wrapping, there is a definite scent of outhouse mixed with something dead. The other problem is that they have two kinds - soft and medium and I don't know which is allegedly better.
Tags: food pornography, holidailies, travel

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