fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Again, briefly

I should have gone back to the internet cafe I used yesterday which has better keyboards and a faster connection. It is also cheaper, but it's not like 75 cents an hour (versus 50) will break my budget. So I will just briefly mention that I hit 3 more temples today, as well as going to the Landmine Museum. And having the obligatory drink at the Foreign Corresponents Club, though the FCC here is less atmospheric than the Phnom Penh branch. It is also far less atmospheric than the Dead Fish Tower, where I had dinner last night, and is the only bar I've been in with a crocodile pit.

I'll finish up the temples tomorrow, probably in the early afternoon before they all run completely together for me. I should also probably do some souvenir shopping. Unfortunately, the only dolls I've seen so far (my usual souvenir) are huge and the free space in my luggage is pretty minimal.
Tags: holidailies, travel

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