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Kensington Storytelling

I haven't only been busy with moving. Wednesday night, I was one of the featured tellers at the Kensington Row Story Salon. I got moderately lost finding the bookstore, largely because I still haven't figured out how to get from Crystal City to the GW Parkway directly. (Usually I give up and drive to Rosslyn, from where I can get on the parkway without getting lost most of the time, though I have sometimes inadvertently ended up driving over the Key Bridge. Virginia road signs leave something to be desired.)

Anyway, I found the right street and discovered that the bookstore was closed, due to a power outage. but the event was going to happen anyway, at a bakery next door. It was an intimate setting, with about a dozen in the audience. I told first and did "Berel the Baker," "Border Crossings" and "The Neglected Princess," all of which went over well.

Bob Rovinsky was the other featured teller and he told a brief immigrant story, a Kurdish Jewish story, and did a little dance that had to with the 7 ages of man. I think he told one more piece, but I am blanking on it.

Nobody got up for the open mike piece, though Bill Mayhew told a joke and Ellouise told about the venue issue. Overall it was fun and I even managed not to get lost on the way home. It's a pity that it's so far from home (by D.C. area drive time, not mileage) so I can't get over there all that often.
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