fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Jet Lag - Part 1

14 hours IAD - NRT

2 hour layover

7.5 hours NRT-BKK

Then the long immigration line so I could pay way too much money to get a solid 5 or so hours of sleep at the Novotel. Too bad PAD didn't leave sleeping bags behind at the airport. Seriously, you would never know that the Bangkok Airport had been occupied just weeks ago. It is all sparkly and modern and has an incredible assortment of opportunities to shop for things you don't need.

It was only about an hour to Phnom Penh. The visa on arrival process was fairly efficient, though the form didn't have enough room for things like my full name or my address or the like. They don't seem to actually care, as long as you pay your 20 bucks.

The hotel car which was supposed ot meet me did not. I called but ended up just taking a taxi.

So why am I writing on the net now? Room won't be ready for about an hour, so I figured it was a good time to do a quick catch-up. My plan for today is to: 1) arrange bus ticket to Siem Reap, 2) arrange tour for tomorrow to Killing Fields, 3) reconfirm cooking class for Tuesday, 4) go to National Museum, 5) collapse with exhaustion.
Tags: travel

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