fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

How the WMATA Should Announce Changes

There are big posters about the impending end of paper transfers on metro, at least in the Rosslyn station. The issue doesn't really affect me, since I normally use a Smart Trip card (and rarely take a bus). But there have beens howls of protest from some groups, especially ones who currently give out one time bus passes to the poor. I believe the reaction would be much tamer if only the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority announced changes in haiku.

January 4th
is the last day for paper
transfers. Get Smart Trip!

Haiku even works for normal service notifications. (The following two are notional examples and do not reflect any actual elevator outages or scheduled track maintenance.)

No elevators
are working at Courthouse. Use
shuttle from Rosslyn.

Weekend track work on
the Red, Yellow, and Blue Lines
Expect long delays.

Day service will start at 4.
Expect massive crowds

Tags: haiku, holidailies, metro

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