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Interesting Electoral Tidbit

I'm too tired to write much tonight. Short version is that party went well, cheesecake was a big hit, security Nazi was out today so we didn't get in trouble for having wine. I ended up with an astronomy book and a planner in the gift exchange. There weren't actually any really terrible funny gifts - nothing like the purple plastic banana holder that someone brought to the company party last year. I still ended up working absurdly late since I am trying to clear up a few things before I go on vacation. (And I had a telecon which didn't start until 2:30 PST, which makes it a bit late for us East Coast types.)

So instead of further whining about being tired, I'll pass along this interesting item from the Washington Post. As many of you know, today was the day for the electoral college to really elect the President. Maryland law requires the electors to meet in the State House. But the Maryland State House is being renovated and is closed until some time in January. They ended up meeting in a Senate office building, but I kind of liked the image of electors in hard hats. (By the way, the Maryland State House is the oldest in continuous legislative use in the U.S. and is well worth seeing.)

I also liked the editorial headline for a piece on the journalist who threw a shoe at Bush yesterday. I don't know if Dan Froomkin came up with "The Sole of a Nation" himself, but it still made me smile.

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