fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Three parties down ...

... and two to go.

Two work parties were painless, except to the wallet ($40 for one, $15 for the other). The one at my condo complex tonight was particularly painless since it was free. As an added bonus, one of my neighbors was wearing a kilt. (And he has the legs for it.)

Tomorrow, there's yet another work party. This is technically our quarterly birthday party and I'm actually a little peeved that we seem to have moved to doing these things as potlucks instead of ordering in pizza. I don't mind cooking so much, but about half of us (myself included) take public transportation, so it's a bit of a pain. In this case, I baked my notorious chocolate rum cheesecake. We are also doing a gift exchange, which always has potential to be amusing.

I have another potluck party over at my company on Thursday, for which I said I'd bake bread.

Can we please slow down the rotation of the earth? (Well, yes, I know it is slowing, but I need more than this year's leap second to get everything done.)
Tags: cooking, party

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