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More Movies and Meals

Robert and I managed to do remarkably little during the day yesterday. Basically, we went out to have a late breakfast at Amphora (pretty standard diner fare) and I did grocery shopping while he stuck things I'd normally never buy in my cart. I don't actually object to a mixture of tea and pomegranate juice per se, but it's absurdly overpriced. Nor do I really object to potato chips, but there are better brands than the one he decided he had to have. I do, however, cringe at the thought of being seen purchasing the National Enquirer. I think celebrity gossip is fundamentally an unfair invasion of privacy, but Robert thinks that being a public figure makes you fair game for pretty much anything. And, yes, we've had this argument before.

I spent part of the afternoon furthering Robert's education. He noticed the nalbound mittens I finished recently. (They're sitting out in my living room, as I decide whether I will really wear them or donate them to charity.) He was impressed that I'd made them, especially when I said I'd only learned the technique in October. That led me to showing him how it works. He asked me what knitting and crocheting are and I gave him demonstrations of those, too. He also asked about patterns and where you get them and I showed him a few to explain. I had assumed that his mother knitted, just because she was of the same age and background as my mother. (In fact, they went to the same high school at the same time, though it isn't clear whether they knew one another.) But he says he never saw her doing any of this. The net result of the discussion is that he suddenly realized how much time women in pre-industrial society must have spent on producing clothing. I pointed out to him that sewing could be faster (though, of course, spinning and weaving were required first) and, more importantly, people just didn't have much clothing. Even now, it's not really uncommon for somebody in the developing world to have only one or two complete outfits.

We went out in the late afternoon to the city. Robert appears to have much better luck with respect to metro track work than I do and we got a train right away in Vienna and a connecting Red Line train right away at Metro Center. So we got to Dupont Circle with lots of time to spare. We killed the time browsing at a couple of stores, including the "adult" store he had previously balked at going into. I think he was slightly shocked at a few things for sale, but it's really a pretty benign store as far as the sort goes. Browsing at the bookstore is, of course, far safer.

We got to the JCC in plenty of time to find good seats for the movie we had tickets for. "Max Minsky and Me" was being shown as part of the Washington Jewish Film Festival. There were the usual lengthy introductions and thank yous beforehand and a Q&A session with the producer afterwards. The movie was very enjoyable - the sweet story of a nerdy tween girl in Berlin who wants to be an astronomer and fantasizes about the prince of Luxembourg, who is also interested in the subject. She is determined to make the girls' basketball team so she can go to Luxembourg to play in a tournament the prince is sponsoring. So she enlists Max to teach her to play basketball, in exchange for doing his homework at school. The developing relationship, along with both teenagers' relationships with their parents, is handled nicely, with enough tension to make things interesting but no actual danger. There's also a major subplot involving her upcoming bat mitzvah, as she skips Hebrew school to practice baskeball. Ultimately, the story is about finding one's home and figuring out where one belongs in the world. All of this had plenty of warmth and humor. This is the sort of movie that will probably never get a theatrical release, alas, but it seems to be doing well on the festival circuit.

After the movie, we had an excellent dinner at Hank's - good seafood and good side dishes, including the cole slaw (which few restaurants in this region do well). They don't do dessert since their kitchen is really too small to manage more than their limited menu, but the complementary chocolates at the end were really all the sweetness we needed.

As for other aspects of his visit, smile. I just wish he could have stayed here longer. We did manage to get up to have enough time for brunch today (at Eggspectation, near the airport). And we have enough of a plan for a weekend in Paris for me to start working on getting plane tickets.

Thus continues the world's longest running brief meaningless fling.

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