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Observations on Work Attire, Sea Pearl, and Australia

I had a fairly hectic day at work yesterday, which included covering a monthly meeting for my boss. Not a lot of it was relevant to our group, so I found my mind drifting into thinking about what the attendees were wearing. There were about 7 women and 20+ men in the room. One woman was wearing a bright green sweater and grey slacks. I was wearing a cranberry red sweater dress. All of the other women were wearing black pantsuits. To continue the uniformity, almost all of the men were wearing charcoal grey suits, with either white or blue shirts and either maroon or yellow ties. There was one man not wearing a suit jacket and he wore a yellow shirt. One might suspect I work in a conservative environment, eh?

I scurried around trying to get various things done throughout the rest of the day. Fortunately, I checked Robert's flight on-line and it was a little late, giving me an extra 20 minutes or so over what I had anticipated. My timing was excellent and I got to West Falls Church just before the Washington Flyer bus he was on. We took the metro home and then figured out plans for the evening.

He decided that the yuppie-food place owned by Sister #1, Sea Pearl, was more what he wanted than the Vetnamese food of Four Sisters, so that's where we went. The room is very nice and the service was good. The food was good, but not outstanding. My green salad was very nice, but it's not like a green salad is all that challenging. Robert seemed to enjoy the crab and shrimp spring rolls he ordered as an appetizer, but he said they were just okay. The pasta I had for my main course was actually too spicy, covering up the flavor of the preserved lemon which was one of the reasons I'd ordered it. Robert had trout and said the piece of fish itself was good, but that the accompanying vegetables seemed to have too many things just thrown together. (He had also been limited in his choices because a lot of items on the menu have tomatoes. I suggested he ask if something could omit them, but he doesn't like to do that.) He also had some problems finding something he would eat for dessert, as he has problems with dairy. He ended up with apple normandy and didn't have much to say about it. The berry tart I got was nice, though the crust was not really memorable.

Then we went to see the movie, Australia, conveniently playing at the multiplex near the restaurant. (It was, in fact, the only movie playing there that we were at all interested in. I liked it more than I expected to, though it's about a half hour too long and I can't believe Nicole Kidman agreed to that entirely unflattering hairstyle. At least they let Hugh Jackman keep his chest hair. (Yes, I am superficial.) There were really three movies there and some editing to figure out which one they wanted to make would have been helpful. But the grand scale is suitable for the scale of the land, I suppose. There were a few very dramatic scenes and those were truly riveting, but there was somewhat too much suspension of belief required at times. And, please, they're living together for a couple of years and she still calls him "Drover," never having found out his name? I could also lived with less than 10 full minutes of credits, especially since the interesting part (the music) is, inevitably, all the way at the end.

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