fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Random Tidbits

I am too tired and too busy to write a coherent entry today, but I did sign up to do Holidailies so you get my random musing.

1) I scribbled a note in my planner a few weeks ago when my neighborhood was invaded by migrating Canada geese, speculating on whether birds get frequent flyer miles. If so, how many trips does it take before the Arctic tern (which has the longest migration of any species) gets to take a vacation in Hawaii?

2) I changed my furnace filter when I got home tonight. I am embarrassed to admit how long this has been on my list of things to do.

3) I really need to stop writing down phone numbers without writing a name next to them.

4) The daytime high temperature today was just over 30. Tomorrow and Wednesday are predicted to be in the 50's. Thursday is supposed to be back to the 30's, with possible snow showers. Guess which days I am going to be in Los Angeles.

5) Today was insanely busy, by the way. Mondays are always bad, as I have a weekly report to write, which essentially summarizes what's going on with everything in our portfolio. I extract a "top 5 space events" from that which goes to the high muckety mucks. But I also had a lunch time holiday party that was more or less obligatory and a point paper I needed to write (along with suggested language for our senior leader's letter on the subject). The problem was that I really can't make up my mind about changing the policy in question. It's all ever so much harder when you can see both sides of an issue. I've been mulling it over for more than a week and still can't sort it out. I did, however, just realize that I should have included something in the background paper explaining that two other organizations will oppose the change and one will support it. I'd better email the person who is putting the signature package together and have her add that info.

I will try to update when I'm in L.A., but I suspect I will not be any more coherent.

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