fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

I Shoulda Stood in Bed - Technology Edition

1) Someone was coming over to pick up some stuff I had listed on freecycle. So I gave her directions and told her to call me from the phone / intercom when she got to the lobby of my building. What I didn't know was that they'd relocated the phone / intercom thingie to the other door. Which is sort of good in ways since it takes people to a staircase that doesn't have another lock they can't open. But it's now also at a place where one can't legally park. I don't understand why they can't just have two of these units.

2) My main computer at work has this security software that is normally invisible but kicks in after long weekends. (Don't ask me to explain this.) It also somehow seems to screw up my mouse / cursor. The best the help desk has been able to tell me is to turn off the other two computers on the switchbox and then reboot (i.e. shutdown and restart) this one. Which usually works in one or two tries. Today it took about 8 tries. I even let it sit for a while between some of those attempts. I was actually at work slightly early and then spent nearly an hour before I got everything working.

3) I came home to discover that my cell phone is not working. None of the buttons do anything at all. I looked at Kyocera's troubleshooting page and they suggest a hard reset, by removing the battery and waiting about 15 seconds before reinstalling it. The problem is they tell you to turn off the phone before removing the battery and it won't turn off. And I had just recharged the phone so waiting for the battery to die is not a good option. I'd go ahead and take the battery out anyway, but I also can't manage to open the battery compartment. I think I am following the instructions, but nothing moves at all.

Normally I wouldn't care much but I am traveling next week on business and the cell phone is useful for that. I think I need to search for what I did with the phone manual. Or I could call tech support.

I suspect I should step away from my computer while I'm ahead.
Tags: kvetching, technogeekery

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