fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Counting women

I meant to write about this last week and completely forgot. I thought of it during the class I was taking (which was a Software Engineering Institute class on Documenting Software Architectures).

At any rate, in the middle of the class, I found myself counting how many women were in the room. It was 10, out of the 30 people in the class. Which isn't particularly significant, but it reminded that I count the women at meetings all the time. That was a notably high percentage, by the way. More typical is a working group that meets every other week in which there are 2 other woman who attend in person and another who sometimes phones in. That makes for 4 (including myself) out of roughly 20 attendees. (It's harder when I'm not sure who is on the phone.)
Tags: women, work

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