fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Amazing Race


I have to admit that Nick and Starr deserved to win the segment. Nick was methodical and was the only one of the players doing the roadblock to get the correct count. And they handled the metro very well, studying the map and the line numbers and counting the number of stops.

I don't know if Dallas was just very tired or what, but he badly screwed up the roadblock. And letting go of your money and passport is the absolute unpardonable sin of travel. It looked like he realized that the bag was in the taxi fairly quickly but just not quickly enough. I was thinking that it's got to be terrible to be part of the crew following a team around when something like that happens, because you can't do anything to help. Oh, well, they had a good run.

I was also amused that Andrew and Dan had to dance to do their speed bump. But, overall, they pulled things together fairly well. There's a part of me that's actually cheering for them in the final, just out of sympathy for the underdogs.

As for Ken and Tina, I was pretty amazed that they didn't know what a trolleybus is.
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