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Finishing the American Revolution

I've now finished four Volksmarch special event programs this year - College Campuses, U.S. Presidents, American Authors / Literary Landmarks, and the American Revolution. The weather cooperated so I drove over to Alexandria and did the year round event through Old Town. It's not really an exciting walk since a lot of it is through residential neighborhoods getting to and from the heart of Old Town, but Old Town (which is a mix of residential and commercial) itself is always a pleasure to walk around. If it were more convenient and less expensive, I'd love to live there. But it's over a mile from the metro and the prices there are even more outrageous than elsewhere in the area. It isn't as if I lived somewhere terrible - Vienna has its unbearably cute historic area, too.

By the way, the significance of finishing four special event programs is that it makes me feel less guilty about having ordered the record books for four new ones. I'll be doing America's Artistic Heritage, Museum Walk America, Flower Gardens and Festivals, and Historic Churches. I may be obsessive, but if it gets me some exercise, I suppose that's not an entirely bad thing.

The final stretch of today's walk was along King Street. I stopped to have udon for lunch at Asia Bistro and also browsed a bit in the used book store near the train station. Knowing that I had to climb back up the hill to the George Washington Masonic Memorial to get back to my car was a useful constraint on book buying.

Then I spent the entire afternoon running errands. Which means I could theoretically not even leave my house tomorrow! Unscheduled time is a major luxury. (But there are about 12 things I want to do, so unless the weather is particularly dreary, I suspect I will get myself moving.)
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