fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

I Might Be a Tad Busy ...

... I have things on my calendar as far away as February 2010.

Things I am contemplating doing next year include:

  1. The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

  2. The C&O Canal One Day Hike

  3. The National Storytelling Festival (and, from what I understand, if I want to do this I should make hotel reservations now. Last time I was lucky and called about a half hour after somebody cancelled.)

  4. achieving total world domination

Oh, wait, that last one was for a different list of things to do.

I also want to get to at least a few more of the ballparks and a few more state capitals I haven't been to. And I am still trying to drag Robert off to Paris for a few days in April.

Amazingly, I have absolutely nothing scheduled for this coming weekend. That's mostly because holiday weekends are a terrible time to go anywhere. I am hoping the weather cooperates so I can finish off the Volksmarch American Revolution program.
Tags: life in general

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