fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Catching Up on Odds and Ends

1) I've sorted out most of my vacation plans, though I still need to get my Cambodian visa. Their embassy is in a very strange location. I can actually do the visa electronically, but I like going to embassies. It still amazes me that I can reserve a room in a cheap guesthouse in the developing world via email.

2) In a fit of energy, I've also gone through a bunch of household paperwork, including ordering film festival tickets for Robert's visit.

3) How on earth can eggs get tainted with melamine?

4) Looking at another of my scrawls, I assumed for a minute that the word "delicacy" referred to food. Actually, I was reminding myself to tell somebody about a potential problem with composite materials.

5) Hill's Kitchen is a very cute name for a kitchenware store on Capital Hill. I need to remember to stop in there some day and buy a cookie cutter shaped like Virginia. (They have all the states plus D.C. and now I wonder how they do Hawaii.)

6) I finally solved a problem with a story I used to tell and stopped because world events no longer made it make sense. I once tried working on this story in a coaching workshop and got very frustrated because the workshop leader had his own ideas and did not respect my process. I am even more annoyed because I realize now that he could have led me to a solution by asking one question.

7) If this gadget were still available, it would be perfect for the white elephant gift exchange at my company's holiday party. (By the way, a real lickometer is used to measure how much a rodent licks.)

8) When a teenager is murdered on a bus (as happened not too long ago in Maryland), why is it relevant that he was an honor student? Dead kids get no grades.

9) Light pollution has become a serious problem for fireflies in Thailand and Malaysia.

10) Clive Barnes died. His theatre criticism, while I didn't always agree with it, was often interesting.
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