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This Week's Amazing Race Episode

First, I thought the falcon delivering the clue was about the coolest thing ever. But, surely, it should be a Kazakh warrior? Why emphasize people who invaded and overran a country?

I'm happy to see Terence and Sarah gone, since I still think they have a screwed up relationship. (I assume he must be very good in bed, because I can't imagine why she would stay with him otherwise.) Terence can blame himself for their elimination. As soon as he saw the meat, he should have realized he couldn't do the fast forward. I'm not sure Sarah's "helpful" suggestions made it any better.

By the way, I had wondered how many languages Sarah actually speaks. I figured out last night that it's less than it seems. I'm reasonably sure she was trying to say "spasibo." But: 1) she pronounced it incorrectly and 2) while most Kazakhs will understand Russian, she might have learned how to say "thank you" in Kazakh instead. (The Kazakh language is not even Slavic. It's a Turkic language. An interesting tidbit is that Kazakhstan is in the process of switching from using the Cyrillic alphabet to the Latin alphabet, which will take about 10-12 years. I didn't see any indication that any of the contestants could read Cyrillic.)

I wouldn't have been all that sorry to see the frat boys go, because reading clues carefully is such a basic part of the game. And I was annoyed at their attitude towards the country. People aren't bad people because they ignore somebody calling out a question in a language they don't understand. They aren't bad people because they don't know where a place is. (The driver of the crane didn't know either.) Yes, language difficulties are a stressful aspect of travel

Finally, I'm still rooting for Toni and Dallas and their behavior during the detour is a big reason. They knew they were doing something inherently silly and just decided to have fun with it. They were also nice enough to tell Ken and Tina they needed the cow costume, though they berated themselves for doing so. (And Ken and Tina ignored them so it's not like it actually helped them any.)
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