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I mentioned last night that I had apparently lost the second mitten of the pair I was making while listening to stories through the day. It was nowhere in my pocketbook, my backpack, or my car, so I retraced my steps to the church and found it in the church parking lot. It must have fallen out of my pocketbook while I was putting stuff in the trunk of the car. The torrential rain of the night didn't do it a lot of good, but it will be fine after it is washed. And I don't have to redo 2 or so hours of work.

Anyway, after retrieving my nalbinding, I drove down to Dover to do the capital volksmarch there. It was cold and windy out, but I had had the forethought to bring along an extra layer, so I was fine. The walk was a pleasant one, passing a number of Victorian houses, the lovely area around The Green, an historic church with a memorial to Caesar Rodney, and the Capitol complex. Delaware, like Maryland and Virginia, does not have a domed capitol, so there appears to be a mid-Atlantic stylistic consistency. This increases my motivation to get to Harrisburg sooner, rather than later.

I will note that this is one case where I could argue for doing the 6 kilometer walk instead of the full 11 km, as the additional distance was through a not particularly attractive or interesting area. It wasn't terrible, but was just rather bland and modern. Still, I enjoyed the exercise. And, now, I have only 2 more walks to do to finish the American Revolution program!

I had lunch at the Countrie Eatery, which was the start / finish point for the walk. I do think it's nice to patronize businesses which volunteer to host the year round events, mostly to thank them for doing so. It was your basic diner and was competent enough at that.

I had been a bit apprehensive about the drive home as the directions were fairly complex. It turned out not to be so bad, though Mapquest was actually wrong at least once, telling me to turn sharp right onto US-301 S from Route 300, when you actually have to turn right onto 301 N and make a U-turn. Fortunately, the signage was good. Once I got to 50 W, I knew my way, but I will note that the directions were somewhat misleading as, while 50 W and 301 S may the same road until somewhere west of Annapolis, nobody thinks of that road as anything but 50 W.

Let me add a brief economic note. Gas on the Eastern Shore is down to $1.89 a gallon! It's still over 2 bucks in northern Virginia.
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