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Last Night's Amazing Race

In lieu of whining about how hectic my day at work was today and how miserably my commute was (partly my fault since I flaked out and got on a Yellow Line train by mistake at Crystal City), here are some comments about last night's episode of The Amazing Race.

As much as I dislike Ken and Tina, I think they showed some class when they explained the little number tags on the power lines to Kelly and Christy. And the latter really deserved to go since they proved their stupidity again, both with that challenge and with their failure to actually read the clue for the detour. I was also disgusted by their attitude towards the detour. Yes, getting pelted with colored powders could be unpleasant, but it's not going to kill anybody.

India is, admittedly, a difficult place to travel in some ways. The crowds and the extreme difference in culture can be exhausting. But it really helps to just tell yourself that's the way it is there. Talking aout how terrible things are just closes you off to the full experience. (That said, I'm lucky not to have had a television crew documenting some of my travel moments. One does have to consider the show's editing.)

I'm rooting for Toni and Dallas, by the way. They seem to have a reasonable attitude towards the race. And, frankly, they're the only team left who I don't find particularly annoying.
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