fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Making United Look Good

United Airlines is somewhat back in my good graces (despite it taking them a couple of weeks after a schedule change showed up in my itinerary on their website for them to call me about it). For one thing, they have reinstated the 500 mile per segment minimum for elite members. For another, two other airlines provided infinitely less satisfying on-line purchasing experiences.

American was fine in terms of getting through the menus. What bothers me is their confirmation process. It took three hours before the status of my reservation changed from "purchased" to "ticketed" and it was roughly 7 hours from when I purchased the ticket until they sent the email confirmation.

Bangkok Airways had a barely functional purchasing process. Their credit card acceptance process was also flaky, but that may be a more general Thai thing. (Instead of entering my address, I had to select what bank issued my Visa card.) They sent me a confirmation email claiming they'd send an e-ticket within an hour. Instead, I got what looked like another confirmation email.

Note to self: find out where Bangkok Airways ticket office is in Siem Reap and reconfirm a few days before the flight.

After all of that, I couldn't face making hotel reservations.
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