fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Travel Annoyances

I checked on my tickets for December again and there is yet another schedule change. This is about the 6th change and none of them have been for the better.

I'm now flying back from Bangkok via Tokyo, San Francisco, Reno, and Denver. I'm a bit concerned about the adequacy of the layover in San Francisco given that immigration there tends to be on the slow side and it's a very long walk from the international arrivals area to the short haul departures. The connection in Denver is also tighter than I'd perfer. But I looked around and, with the availability of seats using miles over the holidays being what it is, I haven't really found anything better.

I was also looking at going to the Bahamas in February and found a really good fare. That is, until I clicked on the final price and discovered that the taxes and fees made it half again as much. I still might decide to go, but it still annoyed me to see such a big discrepancy.
Tags: travel

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